Mardi Gras Centerpiece Making at The Bakehouse

mardi gras centerpiece ideas

One of the things we love most about The Bakehouse is teaming up with other local creators to dream up the most fun and unique workshops for our attendees. Our Mardi Gras Centerpiece Making collaboration with Antigua Floral + Styling was no exception! Sara did an incredible job of guiding the workshop and offering tips and tricks (did you know you can paint leaves gold?) she uses to style and arrange flowers, and we all wound up with gorgeous, festive, professional-looking centerpieces for our Mardi Gras celebrations!

From baking and brunch to florals and more, we're excited to continue to offer one-of-a-kind events and workshops at The Bakehouse! Are you following us on Instagram @thebakehousenola? You should be!

mardi gras flowers
antigua floral workshop
mardi gras floral arrangement
instagram mardi gras flowers
the bakehouse new orleans floral workshop
joy the baker mardi gras

All of these gorgeous photos were captured by Trevor Mark Photography. Thanks, Trevor!

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