Strawberry Pie Workshop at The Bakehouse

bakehouse pie new orleans

In the cold winter months, dreaming of warmer days, we remembered. Strawberry season is coming! When we realized the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival was in mid-April, we knew we had to plan the most amazing pie workshop yet that weekend, using nothing but strawberries sourced right here from Louisiana. 

Strawberry pie workshop the bakehouse
Strawberry pie workshop the bakehouse

Our talented attendees gathered that Saturday and Sunday to learn to bake the ultimate strawberry pie. We're talking pie crust from scratch and everything! They diced butter. They rolled dough. They sliced strawberries. Everyone put in some hard work, and the result, needless to say, was delicious. 

the bakehouse new orleans attendees
butter pie the bakehouse nola
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homemade pie crust joy the baker

If you find yourself overloaded with quickly ripening Louisiana strawberries this spring, we strongly recommend turning them into a pie and sharing your creation with those you love. That's what it's all about!

Major thanks to Hannah Pickle for the photos you see here. Find her work at

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