Réveillon DInner


WHEN: Thursday, December 20 | 7:00 pm -

WHERE: Antigua Floral | 3220 Pine Street (Uptown)

WHAT TO BRING: A bottle of wine for the table, a white elephant gift, and a reflective thought of gratitude

ATTIRE: Dress as though you’re going to have your picture taken—Sara from Antigua has designed an incredible floral wall, and James will be taking everyone’s portrait


Réveillon (“awakening”) dinners are a New Orleans tradition dating back to the mid-1800s, originally served after midnight mass on Christmas eve, but reimagined in more recent years as an occasion to celebrate the season with a rich meal and the company of friends.

Please join us for an evening of joy and celebration, as we reflect on all that 2018 has brought us, and turn the page to a new year.

- Joy & James